Happy birthday, Syndia!

I had to tutor at RMIT today, which sucked as it would have been nice to spend the day with Syndia for her birthday I also had to mark assignments in the morning, which sucked even more. Things started to get a bit better after the tutes were finished though.

We went out this evening instead; dinner at Allegro, followed by a movie.

The dinner was great - the food was excellent and the atmosphere was quiet and comfortable. When our waiter discovered it was Syndia's birthday, she was flattered that he thought it was her 21st They prepare all the food in an open kitchen, so you can see your meal being prepared from start to finish. Very cool.

The highlight of the night to that point had to be the desserts. They had a dessert offering that was four of their desserts on a single, long plate, and the desserts were very, very nice Yum...

After dinner we went looking for a movie and after a couple of fruitless calls to automated (moronated?) enquiry lines we ended up at Chadstone. The movie? Finding Nemo. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it. The plot is typical Disney but then, you don't go to Disney movies for a plot, do you? The characters were very cool and the animation was awesome. I want the DVD.