Woohoo! Dave's 21st went off really well! Photos are available here. I look like a tree stump in some of them, but the rest of them are pretty good.

The formal part of the night finished at about 10:30pm and the rest of the fun started shortly after. Some people even had nice stuff to say about Dave

Dave picked up a bunch of cool presents, too - an espresso machine from Tony and Jodi, a cocktail shaker from Mike, 4.1 DTS speakers from Fadge, a very cool, very sharp cut-throat razor from Scoon - and the present from Syndia and me is probably all he's going to get from us for a while

Scoon, a dedicated photography student, was the official photographer for the night and we can't wait to see the prints

The one stuff-up was with transport. I had picked up my grandmother (Mum's mother) from her house in the suburbs and taken her out to our place. I had also taken possession of her house keys and had carefully placed them on top of my wallet so that I wouldn't forget them when I took her back. So what happened? Mum decided to take her back herself, and of course Mum wasn't interested in my wallet. The result? An additional 1.5 hour round trip for them both to come back, fetch the keys then go back and unlock the door. Oops

Happy birthday again, Dave.