Awesome day today, as Syndia, Karen and I went to Dreamworld

We arrived late morning and promptly headed to the mine ride, then the rapids thingo, then a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't remember. The coolest ride by far, however, had to be the Giant Drop. It's the closest feeling to proper free-fall, and it lasts for about four seconds (although it feels like much longer) before it starts to decelerate again. Very, very cool. Syndia apparently kept her eyes shut for the entire time, and consequently completely panicked when we dropped.

We saw the tigers at Tiger Island, which was very cool. I guess it's common knowledge that the big cats are so agile and powerful, but seeing them up close was a pretty amazing experience.

Our last ride for the day was the Cyclone, the roller coaster that replaced the Thunderbolt. We were already strapped in and ready to go when Syndia realised that it went upside down (surprise - it's a roller coaster, right?) and panicked again. She survived the first loop, started to whimper during the second loop, and then lost it completely and started screaming just as the coaster was coming to a stop again at the end of the ride. Karen, who was further back in the coaster, even recognised the scream and attributed it correctly to Syndia. It was kinda funny, except that she really was a bit upset. We still had to laugh, though - she'd survived the scariest part of the ride only to panic at the very last corner

As per usual, photos are here.