I went out for a ride today with my uncle, Ross, and Henry, a relative of Ross's wife.

The starting point was Ross and Nerida's place in Mt Gravatt. As I arrived I spotted a GSXR-1100 and a shiny, new GSXR-600 in the driveway. So far, I was more than slightly outgunned...

We left there and headed out over Mt Tamborine, through Canungra, then out past the Natural Arch to Numinbah, where we stopped for lunch at the Natural Arch Café Restaurant. By this time, I'd scrubbed my (new) tyres in properly and was thoroughly enjoying the twisty parts of the Hinze Raceway, as it's apparently known.

At Numinbah, I discovered that my phone was no longer in the bike's storage compartment. I thought it had dropped out somewhere back on the road, and was prepared to write it off on insurance, when Ross phoned it and my bike rang. Somehow it had slipped down inside the fairing, and we couldn't get it out! Argh!

Time to give up on extracting my phone and head off for lunch, and a pretty decent feed it was, too. If you're ever there, trust me: a burger will be more than enough for breakfast and lunch, and you won't be hungry that night, either.

As we were walking out of the café, Ross spotted what looked like a dinosaur (!!) in the foothills of a nearby mountain. Photos are here. Someone obviously had far too much time on their hands

We returned the same way we'd come, and were heading up the Goat Track on Mt Tamborine, when a little red Exa pulled out across double white lines to overtake. Ross (leading) and I had a couple of interesting moments, debating which was worse: hitting the Exa or hurtling over the edge and down the mountain. As it happened, the Exa driver thought better of having motorcyclist plastered all over his windscreen and pulled back in. All over in the space of a second or two.

Arriving back at Ross's place again with no further incident, we kicked back with a civilized cup of tea before heading home again.

... oh, and as for being outgunned? No worries ;)