Election Day. Wonderful.

I got called up by Lisa from The Nationals in the morning, asking (begging) for help with Dad's laptop. Apparently they were supposed to be taking it to the tally room, but she couldn't persuade the printer to work. /me sighs, then agrees to head into Bjelke-Petersen House to fix it.

After fixing the printer, I decided to go for a ride before perhaps heading back to the tally room for the election results. The result was pretty much a given, so it wasn't as if we were all in that much suspense, but the Nats crew have all been working ridiculous hours in the lead-up to the election so it was fair enough that they wanted to actually visit the tally room and see the fruits of their labours first-hand.

Anyway, I went out for what was supposed to be a short ride over Mt Nebo. Then I decided, since I was there anyway, to do the full run over Mt Glorious. It was a lovely, clear afternoon, the roads were quiet, the weather was good and I was feeling a bit melancholy, so I thought, "Why not?" This was the first time I'd ridden Mt Glorious, and I can see why so many don't make it through unscathed... some of them are pretty tricky for the un-wary. The road over Mt Nebo has some twisty sections but nothing unpredictable. Where there's a crest, the road never drops away and turns sharply, for example. Mt Glorious was another matter entirely - some of the corners were downright evil.

I stopped and took some photos at the Wivenhoe Lookout on Mt Glorious, but unfortunately it's a bit difficult to actually see the dam in the photos. You can see it reasonably clearly from the actual lookout, though.

After Mt Glorious, I decided to aim for Somerset Dam rather than go straight back to Brisbane. A cruisy run to Kilcoy (read: I'd opened it up a bit over Glorious and was running a little short on fuel ;) ) saw me take a break at Yowie Park, a little park maintained by the local Lions and Apex clubs.

After Kilcoy I pointed the bike towards Caboolture and the Bruce Highway - it was getting dark, I was getting cold and I wasn't all that enthusiastic about riding twisty roads in the dark (or worse, in twilight) with so many critters around. I was going to pass it anyway, so I decided that I'd definitely drop in to the tally room at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondal.

One of the cool things about riding a bike is that where most car drivers have to drive over speed bumps, motorcyclists can just ride around them. Consequently, I passed any number of people looking for parking spaces, and parked in the courtyard right next to the building - the security staff even told me to park there

The night after that was pretty interesting - I met a bloke named Ben, a friend of Christie's, who's a part-professional photographer, and who was there for the evening with many, many memory sticks to fill. Apparently he managed to get quite a few interesting photos, and we're all looking forward to seeing them

Ron Boswell got into a public stoush with Bob Katter on the media room floor, and I managed to get a couple of shots of them shouting at each other. Very funny, but not particularly well-behaved of the two of them. Ben and I also wandered into the Channel Seven broadcasting area and managed to take a couple of photos of the presenters before being queried by the CH7 producer They were the only ones to query us all night, which was a bit surprising considering they obviously had a slim coverage budget and were a bit understaffed

The backdrop for the entire room was a wall with printed sheets for each and every electorate showing how many votes for each candidate and how many of the expected total had been counted. It was kinda cool to see all these little pieces of paper being stuck up by invisible people behind little doors in the wall - rather like an old-fashioned cricket ground scoreboard. Ben and I managed to get up into the stands on one side of the room and took a couple of photos of the men behind the curtain, so to speak, before security hustled us out of there