Syndia leaves to spend Christmas in Brisbane tonight. I'm flying up on the
20th of December and leaving again on the 7th of January, so it will be
strange without her for a while.

We (the MLE clan) have a Counter-Strike match against FS tomorrow. We're
going to get floored, too - this is our first match as a clan and they've
played lots. I'm hoping to set up the huge Sony TV (at TRL - don't
bother breaking into my place!) with an HLTV stream from the server - that
way, if we're going to die, at least we can watch it in style

Can't wait to get home for Christmas... Just think: entire days where
the weather stays beautiful and sunny, rather than here where we get brief
periods of sunshine followed by equally brief periods of rain and hail.
Hmm... Gold Coast, here I come...