Had a great day today After sleeping in until about 11am, Syndia and
I had a decadent breakfast of bacon, eggs and all that usually
accompanies it. I bludged around the house for a while, reading
Fortunate Son, which Peter kindly lent to me.

After lunch, we drove over to Rohan's place, where we waited for the
weather to clear up. Once it did, we jumped onto his bikes (well, Syndia
jumped onto the back of Rohan's bike, and I borrowed his other one) and
went for a cruise around the Dandenongs. The RGV250 I borrowed has so
much more grunt than anything else I've ridden - not that I've ridden
many different bikes yet - and it sticks to the road beautifully. I'm
certainly nowhere near pushing its limits yet, at any rate

Syndia, on the back of Rohan's bike, is now markedly more enthusiastic
about my riding, which is a good thing all round I'm looking forward
to going out again. Next weekend I have an Army Reserve training
exercise, but the weekend after that is looking promising...