Wow, what a cool weekend. What more could I want? The Bathurst 1000 was on all weekend (qualifying/practice yesterday; race today), and was followed by the broadcast of the last round of the Formula 1 Grand Prix from Suzuka, Japan. Later tonight, we have the Moto GP! Woohoo!

I did, however, do some serious stuff. I spent most of the day renaming, sorting and otherwise arranging photos from even before Brisbane, and updating diary entries. There are heaps of back-dated entries, starting from Syndia's birthday on the 30th of August. I also finally got around to making some tweaks to and removing all the old PHP version 3 code - it's all v4 now and works exactly the same. Yay.

If the motorsport wasn't enough to make it a good weekend, we did a quick run out to the shops on the way home yesterday, and had bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, fried tomato, a mushroom and spinach omelette, juice and coffee for breakfast - and Syndia baked some pfeffernousse yesterday, too!. Life is good