Had a pretty good day yesterday Woke up late, dropped in to TRL briefly
to pick up some bits and pieces, then went out for lunch with Roger, Peter,
Clinton and Daniel. Back to Roger (and now Peter's) place and went for a
walk around the roof. This isn't as stupid as it sounds - we were trying to
see how far we could see and what kind of mast we'd have to stick an antenna
onto to get an 802.11b link to another Melbourne Wireless node.

We were going to go war-driving for a bit of fun, but the Vaio we were using
has a pitiful battery life (it's the Intel-powered one, rather than the
Transmeta Crusoe, which seems to have much better battery life) and we could
only get 20-25 minutes of snooping out of it. We ended up turning around and
going back to Roger's place before we'd gone more than a few km.

After charging the Vaio again, we decided to go to Sofia for some
food. Hmm... Mass-produced Italian food in a MacDonalds atmosphere...
Servings were huge but the ambient feeling was more like Sizzler than
anything else

We did spot two open access points on the way there (before the Vaio dropped
out) which was interesting

After dinner we went to Rohan and Anna's party (well, since it was Anna's
birthday, Anna and Rohan's party...) and ended up staying in the spa there
for the better part of two hours. It's a hard life