Syndia and I went to the Tulip Festival run by Tesselaar today. It apparently
started as just a tulip festival and has now grown into an annual event
that runs for the best part of a month, and is a full-on Dutch festival
that just happens to have truckloads and paddocks full of flowers. I
have no idea why they chose tulips, and the only reason I know what the
flowers are at all is that they had little signs on them.

So, on the day that we happened to rock up to this festival, it was
"Irish Day". (Yes, at a Dutch festival. Go figure.) Not to
complain, however - it was really good fun. There was enough Dutch food
(poffertjes! woohoo! yum!) to keep me interested while Syndia was going
ga-ga at all the flowers. They had an Irish band named Celtic Storm
performing, and while they were very folksy (as you'd expect) they were
pretty good all the same. They managed to con four or five couples from
the crowd into getting up and doing some folk dance, but thankfully I
managed to dodge that one as Syndia was happily eating her beef
croquette and didn't feel like getting up

The drive out there was lovely for the most part, except (of course) for
the short but painful section through Toorak. (I'm still advocating
death by repeated pummelling with a paper copy of the Transport Act for
those bloody Toorak tractor drivers.) Anyway, apart from the few morons
on the roads, it was a great day.