Spring, beautiful Spring. We had - by Melbourne standards - a beautiful
Spring day today. The maximum temperature was 28 degrees, and there was
not a cloud in the sky until late afternoon.

Syndia and I had breakfast at a small café on Acland Street, then went
for a walk along the esplanade markets, followed by a leisurely stroll
along the beach.

After returning home, I decided I was going to take the fairing off the
bike and do some minor maintenance. One of the goals was to remove some
of the excess sump oil from the bike - unfortunately, I didn't have a
new oil filter or anything I was willing to demote to being an oil pan,
so I couldn't do a full oil change - but I could at least remove some of
the excess oil that had been annoying me yesterday. Unfortunately, the
owners' manual's suggestion of using a syringe to remove excess oil
didn't work, as I couldn't find a syringe small enough to fit inside the
oil filler hole. Buggrit... small nuisances...

I did, however, get to have a closer look at the condition of the bike,
and it really is surprisingly good. A few small specks of surface rust
on the exhaust were basically all I could find. I'm planning on spending
a day or two sometime in the next couple of months and stripping it down
completely - I won't feel completely confident in riding it until I'm
satisfied that nothing I can possibly spot is dodgy. It all looks good
though, so I'm happy. Syndia had a great time getting all the burnt oil
(overflow; dripped onto the exhaust - oops) off the inside of the

Photos? Not yet, fellas. I've borrowed Dan's camera and will take a few
snaps shortly