Went for a great ride today. Rohan and I threw the bikes into his
trailer and went up to Reefton together. Driving up was a fair bit
easier than riding, as there were a reasonable number of cars on the

We pulled up just on the other side of Warburton, took the bikes out and
fired them up. This was the first time I'd ridden Rohan's RGV and I was
almost caught out, nearly stalling a couple of times by how tall the
gearing was. I had to slip the clutch in first gear almost to 60km/h.

We had a great, relaxed ride up to Marysville, where we stopped for a
drink and an ice-cream. There was a bunch of riders already waiting
there, and we were approached by a 6" friendly-but-dopey-looking
biker whose first words were, "Get a Blade, man." He was so
very proud of his shiny new CBR954RR Fireblade that he wouldn't hear a
word against it. Since Rohan and I were both on RGV250s, he was giving
us that condescending, "Oh, you're just learners" look. When
he asked what we normally rode, I answered my ZZR, and Rohan answered
his TZ-250. (The TZ-250 is a 250cc two-stroke Grand Prix race bike.)
That shut him up a little bit, but he kept insisting on telling us how
wonderful the Blade was. . Some people...

They left shortly before we did, so we finished our ice-creams and went
back the way we'd come.

About 10 minutes later, we came across the mob again. They were still
riding, but we'd caught them without any real trouble. I hung back a
bit, but Rohan spotted the Fireblade bloke and decided to give him a bit
of a run for his money. After a minute or so of having Rohan all over
his rear wheel he waved him through, but was declined in favour of a bit
more of a challenge. Eventually he just rolled over and played dead,
standing the bike up in a corner to let Rohan past. Hehehehe... Big,
scary biker dude on a 954cc Honda soundly thrashed by someone on a 250cc
Suzuki ;) That really shut him up

I followed along behind at a slightly more sedate pace, just within
visual range of the.. ahem... contest. We stopped at an intersection
along the way for Rohan to give me some suggestions for what to practise
on the way back. Very helpful, too - I felt much more stable in the
corners afterwards, and had a much easier time keeping up. I'm still
learning, but it's great to have someone who can actually teach me what
I'm doing wrong. Most people pay $339/day for that kind of