A huge thank-you to everyone who made it to the Bugger-Off party last night! It was great to see so many friends there, and it was an absolutely awesome send-off for Syndia and me1.

Many, many thanks to Mum and Dad who, despite requests to not exert themselves, took care of all the catering, all the furniture-shifting2 and large chunks of everything else. Special thanks also to Tony, who rigged some of the lights and (importantly!) went on a beer-and-ice run when I didn't have time beforehand

There were representatives from school, uni, fencing, dancing and some others from here and there; all in all we ended up with slightly over fifty people - and it went off really well. Thanks once again to everyone - it was a great night. I hope you all had as much fun as Syndia and I did.

1Yep, correct usage of "me" there.

2I suspect some younger siblings of mine may have been involved there...