Had an awesome weekend! Since Syndia's up in Hervey Bay at the moment, I rode up on Friday night to surprise her. I didn't want to spook her too much though, so I phoned her from the verandah of her temporary home rather than just knocking on the door. She seemed pleased to see me

We headed out to the marina for breakfast on Saturday morning, and were generally pretty decadent in our orders. You would have been, too, if you'd been kicking back where we were

After breakfast, it was off to have a look around the marina and associated boardwalk, before putting in an appearance at Reefworld, which, I have to admit, was actually heaps more fun than I thought it would be. We saw a whole bunch of aquatic critters, most of which I couldn't name then and certainly can't name now. Fishes, sharks, turtles and other squishy and spiky things abound in their main aquarium, which is fed directly from the water of the bay.

Breakfast on Sunday was at Gataker's Restaurant; a delightful little place out at Point Vernon. It's up for sale at present, and I sincerely hope that the new owners run it as well as the current ones do. The food was excellent, the service the same and the location was just amazing. Syndia and I spent most of the meal discussing how we'd love to live in such a place.

After breakfast, we headed out to Torquay Beach and Jetski Hire on Torquay beach, from where we hired a little cat from Dave, the proprietor. He's a good bloke, and if you're in the area I'd strongly recommend the place. The cat was a little no-name thing, about 10ft, with only a single mainsail and no jib, but it was still really good to get out on the water again and fang around for a bit

All in all, this weekend was the best I've had in a long time. As per usual, photos are here.