Happy birthday, Mum!

En route to Adelaide, I phoned home to wish Mum a happy birthday. When I mentioned that we were about 10km out of Hahndorf, she reminded me that my uncle and aunt, Rick and Kaye, had recently moved there. I gave them a quick call and arranged to drop in (oxymoron?). They were just leaving for lunch with a couple of friends, but invited us to stay the night. We didn't take much persuading since the alternative was a tent, and so we rocked up at their place. Rick and Kaye had to leave in short order, so they gave us the run of the place and left us to our own devices. Cool!

Of course, off we went to explore Hahndorf. In Syndia's words, "It's very touristy, but very nice-looking." It's a lovely little place, and since Rick and Kaye are only a couple of minutes' walk from the main street, it's very convenient to be able to just walk there from the house. It's (obviously) a little German village, originally populated by German migrants in the mid 1800s as a result of the religious persecution of the Lutherans by the Calvinists. Many Lutherans decided that immigrating from Germany was the only way to escape persecution, and so they became some of the first free settlers of South Australia.

For what it's worth, I grew up reading Colin Thiele books about kids growing up in German families in rural South Australia, so it was interesting to see first-hand some of the relics of that time. The Hahndorf Museum and Art Gallery has heaps of displays and information about what life was like back then, and it's still a bit of a sobering thought to consider how hard people had to work for just the bare necessities of life when we now take so much for granted.

One of the highlights of Hahndorf was the sweet shop. I almost managed to get Syndia out of there in time, but we still ended up with way too much sugar in various forms.

The lowlight, I'd have to say, was this one mob - "Cafe Assiette" - whose customer service was absolutely appalling, and they deserve a public denouncement (And of course, since so many people read this page, it's really going to make a difference. No, really. Well, it will make me feel better anyway.) The forgot we existed, which wasn't a bad thing in the end as we managed to escape without ordering anything. The incident that made us decide to leave was when they - the cafe - mixed up some patrons' orders. Not a big deal, you'd think - they'd just apologise, take the meals back and prepare a couple of new ones. Not bloody likely... The proprietor (??) had the gall to say to the people, "You've touched it now; you have to eat it." Syndia and I couldn't believe it - she was talking to an Indian family who had apparently ordered a vegetarian lasagne and had been given a beef one. Crikey! Some people...

Happily though, that seemed like one dodgy place in the midst of excellence everywhere else. We crossed the road, wandered into another little cafe and were promptly served with enough food to make us dread the thought of dinner. Sweeeeeet

After Rick and Kaye returned, we had a good chat over a light (hehe) dinner, and then crashed out for the night.