Well, today was a bit of a write off.

Nick sent me an email yesterday afternoon saying that Gordon, Gerry and
he wanted to change the departure time for our Reefton ride from 1000 to
0800. Dallas, Anna and Rohan all bailed at that point, and I was pretty
tempted even though I was the one who had organised it. Hmph.

Anyway, I awoke at 0630, dressed and raced off to the McDonald's, where
I met Nick and Gerry. Gordon had also bailed, which sucked a bit as he
was one of the ones who wanted to change the time in the first place,
but never mind - these things happen. Nick and Gerry were eyeing the
weather pretty dubiously so we headed out towards Eltham rather than
heading straight for Warburton. About half way there, they decided to
bail and give it a miss. Sod it - we all just went home from there via
our separate ways.

So yes, I got up at 6:30am on a Sunday for what turned out to be a
complete waste of time. Buggrit... Oh well; next time I'll leave the
organisation to someone else - it's too much effort for too little

On a brighter note, Pete returned from his round-the-world trip and
brought with him the digital camera he picked up for me. It's a Nikon
Coolpix 2500 - 2 megapixel, a swag of CompactFlash cards (8Mb, 32Mb and
256Mb), two batteries and the assorted paraphernalia that goes with such
a toy. Very nice - many more photos will be posted now that I don't have
to scan them all.

Roger, Rhys and Pete have moved into a new place in South Bank. Today -
when I went over to pick up the camera - was the first time I'd seen it.
Very nice, although the lease is a nuisance in that it's a bit short (2

We ended up going out for lunch at Southgate, then back to the pad for a
movie. Red Dragon - a dodgy Hong Kong screener DVD also courtesy of
Pete's recent expedition. The sound was pretty awful at times but to be
fair, I didn't realise it was a screener as opposed to a re-encoding of
an analogue recording until the end of the movie when we saw the shadows
people's heads left on the screen as they left

As for the movie itself? Well... Maybe I'll get around to writing a
short review. Not sure - I have this cool new toy to play with, or will
as soon as the battery charges