I hired a bike (Kawasaki ZZR250) from Garner's Motorcycles
this weekend and went out for a ride with some of the Security
Architecture people on Sunday. Anna bailed at the last minute, so it
ended up being Nick, Gerry, Gordon and myself.

Starting at the McDonald's on the corner of the Maroondah Hwy and
Springvale Rd, we headed out to Reefton and the Black Spur. This was my
first time in real twisties, so I was taking it pretty carefully and not
pushing the bike's (or my) limits too hard.

It was a cold day, but I didn't realise how cold it was until I saw this
white stuff on the sides of the road. Being a Queensland boy, I'd never
seen snow before today, and it took me a few seconds to figure out what
it was. (It looked a bit like dirt thrown over a pile of plastic
shopping bags - not very enticing.)

We decided to have lunch at Marysville, so we pushed off again fairly
shortly and made pretty good time through the next set of twisties -
well, at least, I thought we were, until about half-way there when
something behind me howled, screamed, then flew past me in a
yellow-black blur. "Wow, cool," thinks me, "I wonder what
he was riding," and no sooner than I had the thought, but his mate
came screaming up behind me. As we were approaching a blind corner, he
just tucked in on my rear wheel and followed me through the next couple
of corners.

When the road was clear, the monster behind me blipped his throttle and
shot up next to me, holding long enough for me to see ZZR 1100 on
the side of the bike, and for the rider to flick me a quick wave before
blasting off into the distance. It was some consolation that they both
made just as quick work of Gordon (ahead of me) as they did of me.

When we pulled up at the next intersection to decide which way to go, we
saw those two again, just about to pull out. It turns out that the first
rider was on a Suzuki GSX-R 1100 - which, I guess, is a good enough
reason for none of us being able to catch him. Nobody in our group was
on anything larger than a 250, so we just didn't have a hope...

We stopped in Marysville for lunch, and I tried to order breakfast at
this little cafe we'd decided on. They wouldn't make any breakfast
though, as it was about 1pm, so I ordered some smoked trout and
camembert thing instead. Bugger - I'd really been hanging out for some
bacon and eggs, too. I was a bit disgruntled when Gerry managed to get
some scrambled eggs and bacon out of them after that But hey, the
coffee was warm (yes, just warm) and the trout was good, so I was still
pretty happy.

After lunch, we decided we'd head out towards Kinglake and then back to
Melbourne. Coming out of the twisties and onto a decent highway, we were
making pretty good time (read: I was most of the way up the tacho in 6th
gear and still not keeping up with the others) until a bloody great
truck appeared ahead, taking up both lanes of the road and not letting
anyone past, least of all a bunch of snotty bikers.

We were all pretty cold by then, so we stopped at this little restaurant
on the highway on the way back and had another couple of coffees (hot
ones this time). We jumped back onto the highway and split off in the
direction of our respective homes.

I dropped in at Peter, Roger and Rhys' place on the way back - mainly to
warm up again - and spent half an hour or so there before riding home.
Once I got home, I spent about half an hour under an extremely hot
shower, trying to get my body temperature back up. I'm still freezing,
so I'm going to bed.