Today was tiring but very good fun. Since Sarah's back in town for a week or so over Christmas, I dragged her out for a blast on the bike. The destination? Natural Arch, in Springbrook Forest.

We arrived at sometime past midday, having spent the morning kicking around chatting with Sarah's parents and catching up on all sorts of interesting gossip.. ;)

The arch itself is only about a 1km round trip, if that, from the carpark, so we wandered down to it to have a look around before going back to the facilities at the car park to get changed. Yep, that's right - we had decided to go swimming in a pool of water inside a cave, fed by a waterfall, on the top of a mountain.

Can you say cold? COLD? Absolutely bloody freezing is what it was... and of course, since we'd taken the plunge and acutally jumped into the thing, there was nothing to do but swim direcly under the waterfall before swimming around for a while, shivering a bit more and then climbing out again. Good fun though, and well worth making the effort to visit the place if you haven't seen it. There are cool "micro bats" in the cave (no idea what makes them special except that they're tiny), and there are also glow-worms which, unfortunately, didn't seem to want to make an appearance in daylight :p

Lunch was at a little cafe whose name I can't remember in the Numinbah Valley. It wasn't the one that Ross, Henry and I stopped at though - not that that's all that helpful. And if you do manage to find this little cafe with no name that's not the other little cafe with no name, be sure to order the scones - they're good

A not-so-brief drone back up the freeway took us back to Chez Gauvin, where I ran into Harry-David, of all people. It was good to see him again, and although we didn't get to spend too much time catching up we did have an interesting chat for a while. Anyway, I ended up staying for dinner and then we all retired to watch the Return of the King (Extended Edition).

Extended edition? As in two whole DVDs just for the movie? I couldn't believe that they had released a movie that went longer than the three hours it ran for in the cinemas, but they did. I fell asleep on my bean bag about two-thirds of the way through, and awoke to find a huge list of names scrolling up the screen in the credits. I'm told it was a list of all the fans who contributed, but regardless, the list scrolled for a good ten minutes.

All in all, a very enjoyable day. I just wish my legs weren't so sore...