Bike maintenance day today. Nick and I headed over to Gordon's, where we discovered that he's set the clocks back an hour instead of forward and thus wasn't expecting us for another two hours or so

We ended up doing a fair bit of work on all the toys; my brakes feel like new after a pad change and I discovered the pain of changing spark plugs on a bike (hint: it's way more painful than on a car.

STOP PRESS: I pulled my first real wheelie on the ZX6R today!!

Unlike the incidental lifting of the wheel on hard acceleration or exiting a corner, this was an intentional wheelie. On the VFR800 and the CBR600F4i I test-rode at HART I could just lift it with the throttle so there was no challenge, but on the ZX6R I had to use the clutch to get the wheel up - and up it came.

I managed to get the front wheel to just under chest height, and kept it there until I missed the shift into second gear, at which point the front dropped neatly back down onto the road and the crown jewels dropped neatly and slightly painfully onto the fuel tank :-| But hey, this was my first real, intentional wheelie and I was a happy little Vegemite for the rest of the afternoon.

Back at Gordon's, we wandered inside for a cup of tea and some biscuits before resuming work on the bikes. It's a hard life

Unfortunately I got confused by the clock changes and ended up at home just after 8pm rather than just after the 6pm I thought it was - which meant Syndia and I were late for coffee with Anna and Rohan. Oops!!! Sorry!! I felt even worse when I had to phone Anna back and tell her we weren't going to be there at all since Syndia was sick. I think I'm in Anna's bad books at the moment