Woohoo! New brake pads!

I took the bike over to Rohan's, where we changed the brake pads and
fluid, then tweaked a few other things. Rohan wanted to give his GP bike
a run because someone's interested in buying it, so he took it out of
the shed and tried to fire it up. Being a racing bike however, the only
way to start it is to push it and drop the clutch. Three or four laps up
and down the street and he was starting to get a bit tired ;)

He eventually decided to push it out of his street and roll it down the
hill, which was a bit of a gamble as if it didn't start, we would have
had to push it all the way back up again. Thankfully, it fired up about
10m from the bottom of the hill, and the next thing I saw was this
missile screaming back up the hill and into the driveway. Nice toy.

We then wandered over to the nearby service station and met up with
Anna, and roared off for a quick thrash around the Dandenongs. It was
pretty cold and occasionally wet, but wasn't too bad an afternoon to be
out for a ride. You'll never see such joy on a biker's face as when
there's a 100km/h speed limit sign followed by a 40km/h "winding
roads" warning sign