Rohan, Anna and I went out for a ride through Reefton today. Well, at
least, that was the plan.

The plan was to ride from Warburton, through Reefton to Marysville and
back again. Unfortunately, a dodgy batch of Mobil Synergy 8000 (their
supposedly "premium" unleaded petrol) shortened the day a bit
as Rohan's RGV got a bit crook and my ZZR went absolutely cactus. We
syphoned the dodgy fuel out at a Shell servo in Warburton, aided by the
friendly - if bemused - operator, and continued on, but the day was
shortened a bit.

We did manage to get a pretty decent run to the summit of Mt Donna Buang
again, however. That place seems to be becoming our substitute
Reefton/Black Spur run when we're short of time.