Bugger me, if it's not one thing it's another.

After the smoke escaped from the file server's power supply last week,
Syndia and I make a short trip today to the Malvern swap meet to pick up
a new case + power supply. The idea was to swap the old power supply out
of Syndia's machine and put the guts of Syndia's machine into a new
case, since the one she has doesn't have any covers and she always drops
stuff into it

Well, the first part of the plan went off without a hitch - the file
server is back up and running. The second part went... let's just say...
slightly differently to the plan. Syndia's machine now just freezes
randomly. Not good. It's generally after booting, but doesn't have to be
- in other words, it's an intermittent hardware fault. Looks like a new
mobo is coming her way... That's not such a big problem, except that I
won't be able to get one until next Sunday, and perhaps not even then if
I'm committed to the Grand
Prix - and the fact that we went to the effort of swapping the old
one in today. Bloody nuisance...