Syndia and I went for a short trip out to Arthur's Seat again today. The
last time we went was on a weeknight shortly after daylight savings had
started, so everything was closed.

This time, we decided to take a trip on the chairlift that goes all the
way from the top of the mountain to the bottom (and back, of course).
The view was... well... not magnificent, but certainly impressive. We
could see all the way to the other side of the bay, with the Melbourne
CBD across the water about 50km away as the crow flies. One detractor
from the chair lift was all the chewing gum stuck to the pylons - ugh.

We managed to get a few photos of each other and the scenery from the
chair lift, so as soon as I get around to developing the film I'll post
them. (Thankfully, Pete is
going to pick me up a digital camera while he's in Hong Kong this week,
so I won't have to wait for film to be developed after that.)

The gift shop at the bottom of the mountain was pretty pedestrian -
little koalas made in China, boomerangs made in Indonesia and Australian
flags made in the Phillipines. Very authentic. We decided to bail on the
idea and take the return trip back up to the top of the mountain, where
I'd promised Syndia some tea to calm her nerves after her terrifying
ordeal of hanging from a single cable half-way down a mountain ;)

The cafe at the top was very nice. Well, OK, it's a restaurant that
masquerades as a cafe because people only ever want coffee and desserts
there, but it was still very good. Lovely Devonshire tea and all that.

Just before we left, I spotted some bikers at the lookout and went over
to have a look at their toys. There was a Buell there that especially
caught my eye - it's an "American sports-bike" according to
the manufacturer. It's a completely new frame design but with a Harley
Davidson engine. Sounds like a Harley, goes like a... well... not quite
as quick as a Japanese sportsbike... not even as quick as a British
sportsbike... OK, well it goes a little better than a Harley, anyway.
And it sounds like nothing you've ever heard. Weird. Cool though