Not content with the 400-odd kilometres traveled yesterday, I rolled out of bed again this morning aiming to head down the Great Ocean Road with the crowd.

Eight of us left the Todd Rd service centre at about 9:15am and head across the West Gate Bridge and on to Geelong. Pretty much everyone was on >=600cc sportsbikes, except for one on an Across (250).

The run down to Lorne was taken pretty easily... The highlight for me was when Rusty accidentally hit the kill switch on his GSX-R600 at some traffic lights, and switched off just as the lights went green. Oops To make up for the gaffe, he wheelied for 100m or so down the road, then pulled a huge rolling stoppie at the next set of lights. Very cool, but no stunting for me, thanks - especially not on public roads, and definitely not while my mother's reading this site ...

The road between Lorne and Apollo Bay was much more technically challenging than any other part of the day. Heaps of corners - on and off camber, a couple of decreasing-radius ones thrown in for good measure, and it was heaps of fun. I was finally starting to get properly comfortable on the ZX-6R, too, which helped a bit. Rusty left Lorne a bit before the rest of us and found a nice little spot to take some photos of us as we went past. They'll be up soon, if he posts them to the newsgroup.

Lunch in Apollo Bay, and who could go past fish and chips at one of the local restaurants? Not me. Yum... will have to go back there again sometime.

Back via Dean's Marsh: lots of sweeping corners, but also heaps of water/ice/muck on the road, and since the light wasn't all that good through the trees, I took it pretty easy.

The weather, for once, held to the forecasters' predictions and was beautifully fine and sunny all day. Good fun