This morning I went along to the MRA Toy Run. Photos are here.

This year about 12,000 bikes (presumably with riders) turned up. Many of
the bikes had more than one person on board. The run probably donated
about 16,000-18,000 toys to the Smith Family for this Christmas. Not a
bad effort

The run itself was very well organised. There was traffic control all
the way from the start point of the run, St Kilda Road near the Shrine,
to the end-point in Williamstown. The run itself went around the domain
gardens and then over the West Gate Bridge to the end-point. Before the
start, bikes were lined up all the way from the Shrine to beyond the CBD
- a good three 3km or so. And we're not talking single-file here, either
- we managed to squeeze five to seven lanes of people into a two-lane

I bought some tinsel etc to decorate the bike as well as a toy to
donate, but chickened out of putting the tinsel onto the bike 'cause I
thought it would look out of place. I'll know better for next year I
did get myself a Santa hat though, and I taped it onto the top of my
helmet. No photos of me wearing it, unfortunately.

All in all it was a good bit of fun for a worthy cause. Well done to the
organisers and a merry Christmas to all the children who receive toys
for Christmas as a result of it.