The CS mob at TRL had a match against the FS clan organised for today.
Unfortunately, FS, who booked the server and therefore were obviously aware
of the commitment, didn't turn up. Slack buggers...

After waiting on the server playing warm-up games for about 2 hours, we
decided to call it quits and go and get some food instead. The Pizza Hut
down the road ended up as our destination, which probably won't happen
again. The ice-cream tasted like zinc mixed with banana flavouring (it was
supposed to be vanilla!) and the bowls and plates were a bit short of clean.

Re-reading Larry Niven's Dream Park at the moment. I read it years
ago but couldn't remember who wrote it or what it was called, and when I
stumbled onto the book again in Pigs
Wings (their Melbourne shop is closing this week, after 30 years -
they're moving to northern NSW) I grabbed it.