What a way to end one's football career. Zinedine Zidane deserves for France to lose after that little display. There are about four minutes left in extra time, and I think the majority of the world's sympathies lie fairly and squarely with the Italians.

Well... after the penalty shoot-out going to the Italians, it looks like Zidane's little dummy-spit may well have cost France the match.

It's a crying shame. It's common knowledge that the Italians are right up there in terms of corrupt dealings and general scumbaggery, but until Zidane lost his rag I thought he was well and truly above falling victim to them. We know Materazzi must have said something pretty shocking to him, but that's just not the way to deal with it.

Australian teams (especially our cricketers) are well-known for sledging their opponents, and on occasion some of our players have crossed the line and been dealt with for it. And yes, on occasion some of them may well have deserved a bloody great head-butt in the chest (or preferably on the nose). But the prize for picking the stupidest time ever to do it has to go to Zidane.

A stellar career and the reputation of an exemplary player have both been irreperably damaged by ten stupid seconds of temper. As I said, it's a crying shame that one of the all-time greats of the game - a man who Ronaldino, no less, approached and congratulated a half-time during the Brazil-France match - will now be remembered for falling prey to sledging by one of the game's known scumbags.