The Studio One Christmas Party was held this evening, and it was a blast!

The deal is that all students get free entry provided they bring a children's toy, to be delivered by the studio to their chosen charity. Well, as it so happened, I was just leaving K-Mart at Indooroopilly having just picked up one of those little scooter thingies, and I saw Santa suits for sale. My thoughts went something like this:

Cool! A Santa suit!

Awesome! An inflatable Santa suit!

OMFG I have to get this - a battery-operated, inflatable Santa suit!

This is one of the coolest toys I've ever owned! That's right, it's a one-piece, nylon, inflatable Santa suit. There's a little electric fan in the back of the suit that blows it up like a jumping castle, and there's a battery pack that clips to one's belt to power the thing.

It was an absolute hit at the party, and I actually managed to dance a few dances in it before I got too hot and decided to take it off. I didn't get any photos of myself in the suit, but later on in the night Natalie Keresztes modelled it for everyone. Photos are here.