WebLogic Wednesday is a cute junket for IT people. It's hosted by BEA Systems, and basically involves a
presentation on something to do with WebLogic, followed by a movie. This
month's movie was Men in Black II, which was good for a laugh but
probably not worth writing a review for.

Anyway, Pete was feeling pretty
crook, and after I returned home last night I thought I might have
picked up that bug from him. When I woke up this morning I didn't feel
so great, so I decided to stay home and get over it in a hurry. Apart
from anything else, Anna would have killed me if I'd given her a cold
just before she left for her holiday on the Gold Coast

One benefit of staying home was that I finally got around to putting a
few more photos up. You should see the new links on the nav-bar; mainly
the new shots are from the Honours Lab Webcam and my 21st birthday
party. There are a bunch more photos I should put up here, but I need to
scan them first, and it's so slow...