Wow. It's been a while since my last entry. That's probably due to my
joining of the Army Reserve. There are some fun stories to tell there,
too. More later.

Presently, I'm looking at finding a new job and moving out of home. As the
basic training for the Army lasted about seven weeks, I couldn't really
hold another job for that amount of time and I've temporarily resorted to
casual fencing coaching to pay for my food. Not to worry - another job
should be forthcoming very soon; probably at better rates, too.

I'll be moving out as soon as possible, preferably before the semester
commences in the end of February. My parents don't know that yet, so let's
hope neither of them are internet-literate enough to read this.

Oh, yeah.. The Army. Well, the Army Reserve, I hasten to point out.
There's no way in hell I'd ever join the regulars (Sorry, ARA people ;) ).
There's too much to tell here so just have a look at my Army Reserve page.