I put a few films in to be developed today, and when I went to collect
them I discovered that one of them had been the roll (well, roll and a
half) that I shot at the Olympics. I was pretty happy - I thought I'd lost
the photos as I hadn't been able to find the fils once I unpacked
everything after returning in October 2000. So I'll soon have my Olympics
page back up, now that I actually have something to show about it. There
are a few good stories to tell, too

The LAN party on the weekend went off really well - everyone was much more
laid back at Rohan's place than when we were at a web cafe. We started
with a few rounds of CS, then played a game of StarCraft, cooked some
sausages on the BBQ (and had some green tomato sauce on them, which
looked really weird but tasted pretty normal), then went and sat in the
spa for a while. It was certainly much more relaxing than the last couple
of LANs we've had.