Bugger me, some people are stupid.

I was sitting at the lights this afternoon on the way home, and this woman in a blue Commodore pulled up next to me and screamed at me for "cutting her off and appearing out of nowhere." I sat there for a minute, stumped - surely she couldn't mean me. Surely she wasn't that stupid.

You see, I'd been sitting in the lane next to hers, slightly ahead of her, for the past 500 metres and three sets of lights. We'd even stopped at the front of each set of lights together. Approaching the fourth set - the one at which she screamed at me - she suddenly decided to change lanes into mine. Thankfully, she looked and saw me when she was only half-way over, and promptly overcorrected and steered into the lane on the other side of her...

I just couldn't believe that anyone could be so unobservant - and then, rather than apologising to the people she'd wronged - the people on either side - that she would go so absolutely feral about it.

Bugger me, some people really are stupid.