We left Alice Springs just before 9:30am and headed along towards Tennant Creek and Three Ways. We saw another unrestricted speed limit sign just outside town, which was a bit of a relief - we were starting to think that the unlimited zones in the Northern Territory were a complete myth. For what it's worth, people travelling to the Territory should take note that there are no unrestricted zones south of Erldunda (on the Stuart Highway). If you're planning to drive from Adelaide to Uluru, get used to sitting at 100-110km/h.

After hitting the unrestricted zone, we took off like a rocketship. At this point, I discovered a couple of things about the Commodore: its cruise control switches itself off after you pass 180km/h, and its top speed - with a full load in the boot (including 30-odd litres of water), two people on board and a huge spray of bugs on the front - was about 228km/h. And what was Syndia doing while we were screaming along the highway at these speeds? You guessed it - she was taking photos of the speedo for proof that we actually did it

Unfortunately, screaming along like a rocket, we also burned fuel like one. We were looking at a bit over 24L/100km at our top speed, and about 19L/100km whilst cruising at 180km/h. This was a bit of a sharp contrast to the fuel economy at 110km/h, which is about 8L/100km. In other words, our fuel consumption at 200km/h almost tripled, which looked like wreaking serious havoc with our chances of arriving in Tennant Creek before our fuel ran out We ended up throttling back to 180km/h and cruising along at that speed for the best part of 500km. Wow, cool - distances don't seem so terrible when you can travel at that sort of speed.

We stopped briefly in Tennant Creek to refuel, and then resumeed fanging along the highway to Three Ways and then on to Mt Isa. We arrived in Mt Isa in darkness, but it's a large enough town that we could still find a Subway and get a decent feed.