I paid a visit to the RMIT Fencing Club and
the Melbourne Fencing
Club yesterday evening. (Incidentally, both web sites are
horribly out of date.)

I'm looking forward to getting back into the sport - I've been slowly
building up to it over the past couple of months; getting some gear
together, going to the gym etc, and now I have an almost complete
set of gear and am reasonably fit again. On the gear side of things, I'm
missing FIE blades and whites, and a couple of bodywires, but that's all
On the fitness side however, I'm sure I'll discover exactly how much
I'm still missing on Monday night (more on that later).

I was hoping to talk to Harry Sommerville, a Maitre d'Armes at RMIT, but
in speaking with one of the people there I learned that he's off due to
an injury. Bugger Have arranged for them to contact me when he's
back though, so all is not lost. Apart from their current lack of a
coach, the venue is pretty cramped and they only have one box (and no
permanent strip), so I'm a bit concerned that the good (or at least
competitive) fencers will stay away. Will have to do more research.

After RMIT FC I headed off to the MFC, on Bridge Rd in Richmond. The
venue looked good - 4 permanent strips set up - and who should I run
into, but Ernie Simon? A very pleasant surprise... I thought he was
coaching at Monash, so I'd given up on getting lessons from him while I
was here (the Monash club doesn't appear to cater for anyone but
beginners all that well...). Anyway, I arranged a trial foil lesson with
Ernie for Monday night. Hopefully it will go well