Well, the file server is finally back up and running. You'd never think
that a single boot drive failing could cause so many problems -
especially when the drive is part of a RAID-1 array and should have been
completely redundant. It was not nice to discover that I couldn't
boot from the other drive in the array after the first one karked it.

To make matters worse, I discovered that the Promise FastTrak Lite
controller actually writes its array information to the start of each
disk in the array rather than to EEPROM, so you can't boot from ANY
of the disks if you just connect them to another IDE controller.

To cut a long, painful and bloody story short, I went out yesterday afternoon
and bought another hard drive. The drives in the server are now: 3 x
30Gb, 1 x 80Gb and 1 x 120Gb, for a total of 290Gb online (not including
mirroring). The 120Gb drive replaces the 20Gb one that died. I am never
buying a Promise IDE controller again if I can help it.

Oh well... at least Syndia's notes are available again, so she can keep
studying for her exam next Friday