Today turned out pretty well After driving to Warragul last night to surprise Syndia, I had a pleasant drive back this morning.

This afternoon, some rude chick (admin staff member) from RMIT sneered at me and loftily informed me that no students were permitted in the staff room. I politely informed her that I was not a student, but she still insisted that I leave. As I was trying to read a book at the time, I wasn't all that interested in arguing - she wasn't going to go away, since she'd already decided she would look stupid if she backed down. All I wanted to do was read my book in peace, so I left.

I did, however, apologise to her for having a real job and thus not being an administrative drone at RMIT She didn't take that very well.

Have almost finished documenting all the machines and projects that I've worked on over the last year - since I'm leaving, I need to document everything that anyone else might need to do, and since I don't really want people calling me up all the time to ask about stuff, I'm trying to do it properly. It is taking a while though - I have to actually find out what one of my machines is being used for and who's using it - it's become the general unix dogsbody machine for the entire section, and I don't even know who's going to scream if they turn it off after I leave.