Reserves training last night was a killer... unarmed combat. Great fun,
but I was so sore this morning that I could hardly move. It didn't help
that Kingie picked me to be his demonstration dummy, so I got thrown all
over the mat even before we started. Good fun though

On the way home, I stopped at the Coles in Caulfield to pick up some
food. There was this old guy sitting outside talking to his dog, and I
stopped to say g'day on my way past. We ended up chatting for about half
an hour, about all sorts of stuff. He seemed learned, if not educated -
we talked about a whole range of subjects, and he always seemed to have
an in-depth knowledge of the stuff. Martial arts, war tactics and
strategies. politics, history, etc. Very interesting. When I came out of
the supermarket he had gone, so I don't know if that's where he lives,
or if he was just taking his dog for a walk. All I know is that his name
was Fraser. Hmm... I'm not quite sure what to make of him...