Ooohh, I'm sore. Nine hours out on the bike today, 7.5 of them great fun and made the remaining 1.5 hours of freeway droning worth it.

Gordon, Nick and I decided to take a day of annual leave from work and go for a ride down the Great Ocean Road. We had an awesome time, and I'm absolutely buggered.

The weather was gorgeous, for Melbourne at least: bright, clear, dry and only windy in the afternoon. A bit chilly, but that was to be expected. Traffic was light 'cause it was a weekday, and that was pretty much all the incentive we needed.

We met up at the Shell service station on the Westgate Freeway this morning and headed off down the freeway to Geelong. A more boring drone you'll not find anywhere, and our hands were freezing at the end of it. After Geelong, we continued down the Surf Coast Highway, which eventually turns into the Great Ocean Road.

We stopped just before Lorne (and again a couple of other times) for our first photo opportunity, then pulled into Lorne for a late breakfast/early lunch at one of the little cafes. Mmmm... croissants...

Leaving Lorne, I pulled some distance away from Nick and Gordon then quickly pulled over at a handy lookout, jumped off the bike and whipped out my camera. The photos I took are the first photos from any ride I've taken where people are actually riding. The photos turned out pretty well considering how little time I had to get the camera out

Our final outbound stop was Apollo Bay, where we wandered into the Apollo Bay Hotel for a quick drink stop. I took orders and went to get the drinks, and the bloke behind the bar looked at me as if I had a second head when I asked for a Coke, lemonade and limonata. "Wossat? Another lemonade?" followed by "Cans orlright?" At that point I decided Nick could settle for either lemonade or Solo

We turned back towards Lorne and had a long-ish, moderately-high-speed blast to Dean's Marsh, where we met a nice, middle-aged lady who advised us that "There are coppers just outside Geelong, boys, pulling all the bikes over," just in case we were scared of a roadworthiness check. I decided this might be a prudent time to replace my old registration sticker with the new one I had in my pocket

After that we left Dean's Marsh and droned back to Melbourne via the freeway, seeing neither hide nor hair of a Police check. Oh well - we all would have passed a roadworthiness check anyway, so it wasn't a big deal, but by this stage we were pretty tired and just wanted to get home, so I guess it's a good thing that we didn't have to wait around

There's really not much more you could want from a day out on the bike with a couple of mates.