I'm still in the hunt for a new bike to replace my ZZR250.

This afternoon I dropped out to A1 Motorcycles in Brighton and test-rode
a 2000-model ZX9R. Wow. The bike had so much grunt it was scary.
I have to admit I never did find out if there was a rev limiter - or
even what it felt like at redline. Come to think of it, I don't even
remember what the bike redlined at - I never really got it over
10,000rpm and even then it was a) scaring me and b) reaching
not-so-very-legal speeds, even in first gear.

It was a genuine effort to keep below the speed limit, and I'll be
honest and admit that it's probably a bit too much for me for now
Perhaps in a year or so I'll be getting fed up with a 600cc, but at
least the boys in blue won't pester me as much. I think if I buy a 900cc
now, I'll probably be in jail for my 25th birthday

So... the ZX9R and Fireblade have both been dropped off the list, as has
anything else over the 600-750cc mark. I'm thinking ZX6R at the moment,
but I'd like to try a ZX7R and - just for the hell of it - a GSXR600 and
an R6. I seriously doubt I'll end up with either of the latter two
though - Syndia would kill me, 'cause the passenger's footpegs put their
knees up around their armpits - not good for long-distance touring

Anyway, I have one particular toy in mind, so if nothing else comes
along in the next week or so, it's probably going to get the nod. To
anyone interested in the ZZR: I have a pretty decent trade-in offer for
it so if you're thinking of making an offer you'd better do it quickly