Ooh, scary... The Studio One 80s Theme Party was held this evening, and I decided to go as Michael Jackson. So, of course, since I couldn't very well go as the man who invented (ok, ok..) the moonwalk without being able to do it, so I'd been doing my homework for a week or two in advance. I did have a couple of people ask if parts of me were real, however. That's a bit disturbing...

The music? As you probably guessed: big hair bands, drum machines, MIDI synths and lip syncing.

The outcome of the costume competition? Jim Collins and I tied for first. All good, but I'm glad it's over. The eighties are over for more reasons than the fact that humans have ten digits on their hands.

Congratulations to all the staff, assuming they ever read this. Most of them went completely above and beyond the call of duty in preparing their costumes. The schoolgirls with bubblegum-pink and purple hair, the hair-sprayed, teased mass of curls that weren't a wig, and the other Michael Jackson were all very cool. The cake, however, has to go to Indiana Jones