We received word today that Glen went back to Reefton on Sunday and had
a chat with the hundreds of police who were pestering all the
motorcyclists. It turns out that the accident on the weekend was the
fault of the motorcyclists, not the 4WD driver (see the value of
reserving judgement? ). The lead rider was on the wrong side of
the road coming around a blind corner. It's a shame, but at least only
the people who were at fault were damaged. You make your bed...

Peter, Rhys and Roger are being kicked
out of 55A because their landlord wants to move in. Bugger. So they're
off hunting for a new place to live. Hopefully they'll end up somewhere
that has line of sight to Dan or me (Dan and me would be nice),
and we can set up a decent wireless link

I finally got around to adding some photos of my new toy, so here
they are.