Happy New Year!

Returned from the Sunshine Coast this afternoon after Simon's New Year's
party. It bucketed down yesterday afternoon, but we still managed to get
a few innings of backyard cricket when the rain lessened.

Almost everyone was feeling pretty poorly this morning, which was a bit
frustrating as Pete, Craig, Lloyd and I wanted to go to the beach and/or
some water-sports park in the area, but most others weren't interested
(read: were too hung over). We ended up going to the beach for an hour or
so, which wasn't too bad - a fair N -> S sweep and a bit choppy, but
otherwise OK.

Steve, the slack bugger, left Sim's early this morning and avoided any of
the cleaning up. Some excuse about having to get his sister back to
work... Hmm...

Have no plans yet for the next few days except to catch up with a few
people whom I haven't seen yet. If you're one of these people (and you're
in Brisbane) please give me a yell.