Woohoo! Yet another new toy! This time it's a shiny, brand-new VY Commodore S, with power everything, sports shocks, HBD
sunroof, CD player and all the other bells and whistles that I've been
waiting for. I picked it up from the dealership late this afternoon,
picked up Syndia from the Alfred, and went out for a short drive.

Well, it was supposed to be a short drive. We planned to just take a
short cruise along Beach Rd, but we ended up going all the way to
Arthur's Seat.

I'd never been to Arthur's Seat before, so it was well worth the trip.
The road up the mountain was very twisty, with lots of hairpins,
off-camber corners and decreasing radius corners. It's the kind of thing
that the average cage driver hates - so I'd love to go back there on the
bike. That's also where Gordon dropped his bike, so we'll have to drag
him back there for another go.

Everything was closed when we arrived - which was fair enough, since it
was about 19:00 on a weeknight and it's only really a tourist
destination. We have resolved to go back on Tuesday though, as it's the
Melbourne Cup holiday. Hopefully I'll get some decent photos then, too.
I can't wait to go on the chair-lift