Whew. Another relaxing weekend over with. Did I say relaxing? I must have
put over 800km onto the clock of the car that Syndia's parents hired for
their stay here over Easter.

We picked them up from the airport on Saturday afternoon after their
(QANTAS) flight was delayed, and brought them back to our place to show them
around before they checked into their hotel. (Why aren't they staying at our
place? It's not really large enough for two of us, let alone another three

On Sunday we drove out to Ballarat, to see Sovereign Hill and the Gold
Musem. It was an good trip; they have a really interesting setup going, with
an entire 1850-1860s gold-mining town re-created. They have guided tours,
all sorts of shops, a pub, period-dressed people walking around the place
and, of course, gold mines. We took a tour of one of the mines (apparently
there are guided tours of the other, but you have to pre-book and we
hadn't), were driven around in a carriage (not sure of the correct term
here, but it had two large wheels, two small wheels and was drawn by a
not-very-well matched pair ;) ) and watched a goldsmith pouring about 50,000
AUD worth of gold into a mould. Very cool.

On Monday we took a trip to the Dandenongs, after showing Syndia's parents
around Clayton and the Monash Halls of Residence, where Syndia was trapped
for the first three years of her degree. After they expressed suitable
distaste for their surroundings (that being the intent ) we moved off to
the Dandenongs, where we ate at this weird place called, aptly
enough, Cuckoo. And, boy, were they ever? We couldn't complain about
the food, though - buffet-style, and heaps of it. After the meal, we cruised
up to the observatory and showed them what the miserable Melbourne CBD looks
like from afar. As far as I'm concerned, the further afar it is, the better
I like it, but that might be just a little pessimistic

Today, not content with traipsing all over the countryside for the last two
days, they decided we could all escort Syndia out to Warragul, where she's
stationed for the next eight weeks on her paediatrics rotation.

Anyway, it's been an enjoyable weekend, although now I'm at the end of it I
just can't wait to fall into bed and crash out.