Awesome morning!! I had an absolute blast at The WRX Experience. They had a cancellation this morning, so instead of driving the standard WRX I got to mess around with their modified WRX STi. "Modified" in this case means a $10k engine management computer, variable boost (anywhere between 15 and 25 psi), a whole bunch of other bits and pieces, leading to about 225kW at the wheels. Sweeeet!

My initial lap session didn't go all that well; I was a bit too hesitant to keep the STi on boost while getting it turned into the corners. You would be too, if you felt how quickly the boost cuts in once the turbo spins up

The second session was a little better; I was starting to get the car turned in comfortably and was keeping it pointed through the corners better, but I was feeling a bit erratic and it showed :p

The final session, however, was when it all started to come together. I was aiming for what was supposed to be a "good" lap time of 1m35s or thereabouts, and a skill score (see the assessment form in the photos section if you really want to know) of about 35. I thought I was going to be way off the pace after my second session, but as it turned out, I ended up putting in a 1m24.7s lap, and scored 42 in the skill points. Sweet!

Photos are here.

Thank you to Syndia for a very, very cool birthday present.