Had another idiot in a 4x4 run into me today. What is it with these
people? Moron was driving less than 1m behind me, and I had to brake for
traffic. Idiot. Wanted me to get out and fight him, but it would have
jeopardised my case against him if I'd bashed his head to a pulp.
Threatened to call police instead, and he became a bit more civil. Not
much, however. Not too much damage done to my car, but enough for me to
want to get it back from him. Will have to get quotes tomorrow.

Wrote ZERO code today. Might change that later tonight, but only to fix my
homepage. Couldn't be stuffed putting in extra hours for Telstra.

Can't seem to think of any good business ideas and given the state of the
IT job market right now, I doubt there's going to be much better on offer.
But hey, an R&D job isn't that bad; it's really just the red tape
that gets to me. This corporation, like most others, is run by accountants
and directors for short-term gains in the share price.