Off we go adventuring again; this time to Cork.

Cork is Ireland's second-largest city after Dublin, with a population of approximately 300,000 people.

I recall thinking as we walked down the main street that I could be quite happy with a contract here. It's a very pretty town; the people (as in all of Ireland) are very friendly and apparently the IT industry's reasonably strong here. I'll put it on the short-list.

Unfortunately we didn't have time to see very much of the town itself. It was raining and miserable, so we looked for something to do indoors. And to complement the brooding feel of the weather, what better thing to do than to tour the local gaol?

The gaol itself is a curious juxtaposition of verdant green grass in the grounds and the forbidding stone structure itself. On closer inspection, we noted that the funny-looking structures on the front lawn were in fact stocks. No fun.

Inside the gaol itself, the building is in various stages of (dis)repair. The west wing is in fairly good shape, all things considered, but there are other areas that are closed off and apparently not safe for humans to move around in.

There's a video presentation on life in the gaol before it was closed, and to be honest, it was pretty brutal. So much of this country's history reads of misery and hardship.