Fadge has bought a windsurfer!! How cool is that? We went out to have a look at one early this afternoon and Fadge decided he liked it enough to buy it. Getting it into the car was a bit diffucult though - I ended up riding with one end of the mast sticking out the passenger-side window and the other sticking out of the boot, so I couldn't open the passenger-side door and had to climb in through the window

We also dropped in to Whitworths on the way to training and I picked up a long-sleeved rash top to replace my short-sleeved rash vest, a pair of wetsuit boots and (woohoo!) an inflatable ski biscuit that we can tow behind the boat

We're thinking of taking the Kathy Sue out on Friday, weather permitting, and trying out our new toys

Oh, in other news: I broke yet another pair of sunglasses today.