Elise, Fadge, Syndia and I went sailing out on Wivenhoe today. Many thanks to Elise, who let us take her Vagabond out, and for driving us all up there in the first place. Thanks also to Fadge, who gave Syndia and me a lift from his place to Elise's in the painfully early hours of the morning.

There wasn't a huge amount of wind, but at least in the morning there was enough to just fill both sails and we managed to get around fairly well. The expression on Fadge's face when he realised that Elise was sending him out with just me as skipper, not her, was just priceless

In the afternoon the breeze died off a bit, to the extent that although Elise and I managed a single spinnaker run, when I took Syndia out to attempt the same, we were completely becalmed for the best part of half an hour.

Syndia and I eventually managed to find enough wind to get back to shore, albeit very slowly, and promptly beached the boat and jumped into the water for a swim, where we were joined by Elise and Fadge. We killed a pleasant hour or so waiting for the wind to return, before Fadge and I were eventually reduced to swimming the boat through the water back to the boat ramp.

No more than half an hour afterwards, the wind picked up into quite a stiff breeze. Unfortunately by then we'd already loaded the boat onto the trailer. Still, it wasn't such a problem - we'd had a pretty good day, all up, and nobody was complaining