Telstra re-org update: they've said that all our positions are redundant, and that everyone has to re-apply for their jobs.

Strangely, they were dumbfounded when we asked what happen if we didn't want to apply - apparently they hadn't even considered this possibility. It looks like they'll have to give us all redundancy packages, which is something they really don't want to do, especially since the people who leave in the first round are almost always the best people, since they know they can get work elsewhere. So anyway, they were completely gobsmacked when a bunch of us asked about not applying. Very stupid, leaving that loophole open.

It looks like we're going to have our old jobs until at least September at this rate, which could work out well if Syndia gets a job in Brisbane - that way, I'll either get a new job in Telstra in Brisbane, or get a nice redundancy package at about the right time to fund a move back to Brisbane.

Fingers still crossed...